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Changing the camera mechanics on the future update.


The new feature announced last week will not be the only change on the game after the big update coming with the 2 new episodes. We will also change the camera position during the whole game.

Before, the camera followed the player all the time, and his position would be always the center of the screen. This sometimes bring to some problems when the player is on the limits of the stage, making half of the screen with info that they dont need and the other half missing important info like for example platforms.

With this change, the player will be mostly still in the middle, but on the limits it will not happend anymore, offering a better gameplay to the player with this new update.

This change, for example, will let you enjoy the whole Sleepless City, in one of the two coming episodes, Nophes.

New feature requested by the users coming as well with the free two episodes!


Later this year we will launch a free update that will include the episodes of Nophes and Nidemon, the other two Ánimas of the game.

But on this update, we will include as well some other changes on the gameplay to make a better experience of the game.
One of them will be a requested feature by the users: to be able to look up and down at any time on the game.

We hope with these inclusions to create a better game experience for everybody!

Episodes 2 & 3 will be free!
50% off in Xmas to celebrate!


We have some big news about 3Souls. After a lot of thoughts, we have decided that instead of a DLC, the episode 2 and 3 will come in a free update!
This means that if you buy the game, which include the Episode 1 of Nelesa, you will recive the episode 2 and 3 in a free update once they are ready to launch.

We are working really hard on those episodes, and it's taking longer than we first planned. For this reason we would like to compensate all the players that are waiting, with the news that once we have ready the episodes, they will recive them as a free update. Our goal is to launch them in first half of 2017 ;-).

But this is not all of it. We would love to share our first project with as many people as possible, so now you can get the game with the first episode for half of the price during Xmas!

From the 15th of December until the 8th of Januar, you can get 3Souls for only
€1.80 / £1.60 / $1.95 !

And to finish the day of news, here you have a animated sneak peek of the coming episode: Nophes and the luminous streets of Sleepless City! You can also check HERE the full static image version of the first level.

Happy Holidays!!

Winners of the Miiverse contest!


Here you have! The 10 winners of a free copie of the game 3Souls for Wii U (including the future 2 episodes once they are available ;-))

Congratulations to the winners!

  • alejandro1985
  • Andy4110
  • Greymon57
  • HDTwO13
  • mspurple41778
  • Past_this_Mess
  • StumppSmashh
  • Treyn7
Thanks to everyone to participate in this contest! It has been really hard to choose only 10, there were really good work and good ideas! Remember that there is a demo of the game available right now on the eShop!

10 Free copies contest!


To celebrate the launch of the demo, we are making a contest on our website by giving away 10 free copies of the game 3Souls!

If you want to participate on the contest, go to the official Miiverse of the game, and post a drawing about 3Souls. You can check our website to get more information about the game to get inspiration for your drawing.

We will be collecting on this website, all the drawings that are participating. On the 1st of December we will choose our 10 favorites drawings between all of the participants to be the winners of a free copy of the game 3Souls. You can post more than one drawing, having more chances to win!

Good luck everyone!

UPDATE: the contest is over. Here you can see all the participant!

Demo coming next week!


The demo of 3Souls is coming to the Nintendo eShop the 24th of November! It will be avaible for all regions where you can find already the first episode of 3Souls.

With this demo, you can play the first two levels of Nelesa, where you can try two of the portals that you find in the game (the ventilator shaft and one type of camera)

It will include all features of this first two levels, but not the easter egg "8 Seconds of Nindies", which is included only on the full version of the game.

Halloween Nintendo Sale!


3Souls joins the second week of the Nintendo Europe eShop Halloween Sale with 30% off sale! From this thursday 27th until next thursday the 3rd!

Check it out here

Patch 1.1.0 available now!


This update introduces new changes to give players a better gaming experience, such as:

  • The addition of French and Italian languages
  • A new option after getting a Game Over: Rush Respawn!
  • A Vault menu to view collectibles
  • Upgrades on portals like the wheel and the lightball
...and many other minor changes to improve the experience overall!

To celebrate, for one week only and starting today (22/Sep/2016), you can get the game with the first episode 25% off!