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Nintendo Life

Nintendo Life [31/Dec/16]

Feature: A Year in Development - 3Souls and the Debut of a New Nindie

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Indie Haven

Indie Haven [01/Sep/16]

A Momentary Pause With Red Column

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Nintendo Impact Gaming

Nintendo Impact Gaming [16/Aug/16]

Podcast Episode #30 - Red Column

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Source Gaming

Source Gaming [27/Jul/16]

Straight from the Source: 3Souls.

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4colorrebellion [21/Jul/16]

4cr Interview - Red Column On 3Souls

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Nintendo Life

Nintendo Life [30/Mai/16]

Interview: Exploring the Ambition Behind 3Souls, the Episodic Wii U eShop Exclusive.

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Nintenderos [18/Jul/16]

[Entrevista] Arturo Chaves, fundador de Red Column.

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Revogamers [8/Mar/16]

Revogamers Radio 2x24 Entrevista 3Souls.

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Nintendo Town

Nintendo Town [25/Jul/16]

Interview avec Red Column, développeur de 3Souls sur Wii U

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русский [12/Aug/16]

Эксклюзивное интервью с создателем 3Souls, эксклюзива Wii U

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